Over the past thirty years Ceejay Engineering Ltd. has fostered a reputation throughout Trinidad and Tobago for providing only the highest quality of engineering products and services and we are proud to support the following fine manufacturers of pumps and accessories.

ebara pumps


  • Ebara Stainless Steel sump & drainage
  • Ebara Stainless steel submersible effluent
  • Ebara End Suction centrifugal
  • Ebara Self priming
  • Ebara Two stage centrifugal
  • Ebara Open impeller end centrifugal
  • Ebara Vertical multistage
  • Ebara Single channel sewage
  • Ebara Cast iron sump and drainage

burks pumps


  • Burks Close coupled centrifugal
  • Burks Centrifugal base mounted
  • Burks Centrifugal self priming
  • Burks Regenerative turbine pumps
  • Burks Sump pumps

pacer pumps


  • Pacer Thermoplastic Centrifugal
  • Pacer Engine driven units
  • Pacer Agriculture
  • Pacer Marine
  • Pacer Construction

roper pumps


  • Roper External Gear Type pumps
  • Roper Bulk handling
  • Roper Transport
  • Roper Triple Screw
  • Roper Rotary Lobe
  • Roper Progressive cavity

blackmer pumps


  • ¬†Blackmer PD vane pumps


fill-rite pumps


  • Fill-Rite Fuel Transfer
  • Fill-Rite Explosion Proof
  • Fill-Rite 12 volt pumps
  • Fill-Rite Rotary hand pumps
  • Fill-Rite Meters & Accessories

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